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Now we will explain what you should think of stars. We also consider the lord of house when considering the house. For example if we are considering the enemy from sixth house then we should also consider its lord of sixth house.

Let's try to understand the basic nature of planets, their character, their color, their friends/enemies and their role in the universe.

Sun (Surya)- As a layman sun is considered as a red heavenly body. It represents Gold (because of its color), Father, Teacher, Government, Government Post, Government Jobs, patience and bravery.

Moon (Chandrama) - Mother, Happiness, White color, Fruits, Soft items, delicate items, white pearls, silver, milk, milk products, Clothes, Water, Cow, Easy, face, and beauty.

Mars (Mangal) -Mars is a planet which is very near to earth and has significant effect on human being. Mars tells us the mental and physical strength of stars. Minerals of earth, General happiness of brothers and sisters, weapons, thief's, enemy, army, interest in some one else wife or husband, bravery, injury, wrong doing.

Mercury (Budh) - Mercury represents good speech, art, clever, good brains, intelligence, mathematics, truth, and friends.

Jupiter (Brahspati) - Jupiter is the biggest planet in this universe. So it has a major effect on of human horoscope. Jupiter depicts children, minister, nature, character, Knowledge of Vedas, Intelligence, respect, and overall knowledge.

Venus (Shukar)- Venus represents wealth, vehicles (Cars, luxury vehicles), beautiful and expensive clothes, singer, dancer, actor, model, glamour, beauty, sexual life, house, comforts of life, marriage, sexual desire, marriage life, attraction towards opposite sex.

Saturn (Shani)- From Saturn we come to know about age, death, fear, decline ( fall from very good managerial position/ministry), illness, insult, poverty, sin, labour, iron items ( because Saturn is of black color), black, lazy, helping bad people, job, going to behind bar, indication of death. So after coming to know about the nature of planets and significance of each house, Person who can combine two and understands both of them can be a good astrologer.

Example if any star is in the Lagan/Ascendent/1 house, then he would be having features of the star. If anyone is having mars in the lagan he would be having features of Mars like he would be brave, having qualities of good warrior.

Physical structure of all planets corelate it with 12 houses and humans 

Sun (Surya) - He has strong bones, less hair, having strong body wearing red clothes, having strong and broad minded nature.

Moon (Chandrma) - Moon is having big body. He is white and weak. He is having black hair, beautiful eyes. He is having good circulation of blood. He is wearing white clothes. He is having sweet voice. He is soft by body and his nature.

Mars (Managal) - He is having slim back. He is having curly and shinning hairs. He is having fire in his eyes and hot tempered. He is wearing red clothes. He is strong by nature. He is well built.

Mercury (Budh) - He is slim. He might by having diseases like cough, skin disease. Mercury is linked with nervous system of the body. If the mercury is badly affected in some one horoscope, then he would be having problem in nervous system.

Jupiter (Brahaspati) - Color of Jupiter is yellow. He is having strong and long chest. He is having big body. His head hair and eye lid hair is white. Jupiter stands for intelligence, same as mercury. Jupiter is the biggest planet, so has maximum relevance on human life.

Venus (Shukar) - He is wearing colorful clothes, black curly hair, nice chest, attractive personality, beautiful. This means people who are having strong Venus in the ascendant sign or is having strong Venus in the horoscope; he is got to be very charming and beautiful. This is necessary requirement for becoming leading actor and actress. Venus also represents sex and sexual life of a person. If Venus is in eight house, person would be having some sexual problems.

Saturn (Shani) - Now lets discuss the structure and statistics of Saturn. Saturn is lazy by nature. He is of black color. He is handicapped by one foot. He is hard hearted and a big flatterer. He is foolish; he is having thick teeth and thick nails. He is not at all beautiful in looks. He is wearing black clothes. He is old.

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Planets Gems Mantras Zodiac Sign Other
Sun Ruby Sun mantra Mesh (Aries) Romance
Mercury Pearl Moon mantra Vrishabha (Taurus) Delay in Marriage
Venus Red Coral Mars mantra Mithuna (Gemini) Your Moon Rashi
Mars Emerald Mercury mantra Kark (Cancer) Criminal
Jupiter Yellow Sapphire Jupiter Mantra Simha rashi(Leo) God Shri Ram
Saturn Diamond Venus mantra Kanya (Virgo) Suicide
Rahu Blue Sapphire Saturn mantra Tula (Libra) Yoga
Ketu Gomedh Rahu Mantra Vrishchika (Scorpio) Reiki
Moon Cats Eye Ketu Mantra Dhanus (Sagittarius) Feng Shui
Makara /(Capricon) Transit of Saturn
Kumbha (Aquarius) Shani Puja
Meena (Pisces) Shani Upay

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