Bollywood Actor Hritikh Roshan

Now we will discuss the horoscope of Bollywood star Hritikh Roshan

Bolly wood actor - Hritikh Roshan

Birth details of Hritikh Roshan – 10 th January 1974. 10:16 am, Mumbai.

Hritikh Roshan is Bollywood film star, who rose to great heights with just his debut film “Kaho na pyar hai”. And from there with few flops and few hits, he has emerged as one of the biggest film star. Now his name is taken with personalities like Amitabh Bacchan & Shah rukh khan. Hritikh Roshan is quite young in his career in compared to Mr Bacchan and Mr Khan.

Now starting with his horoscope, Hritikh is having kumbh-Aquarius lagan and cancer-kark (moon) rashi. Person with Person born under this rashi is of beautiful personality, influential, cordial, intelligent, generous, independent, always eager to make new friends, businessman, hard worker, highly ambitious, will be successful with hard work only.

Lord of the lagan/ascendant is well placed in fifth house. Lord of second house is in twelth house, which indicates that there will be mismanagement of funds and some problem in family life is also indicated. Coming to third house, is the house of Mars. And mars is present in that house makes that houses more effective. Third house represents sports, physical activities & bravery. In Hritikh Roshan we can see special charm of physical strength which is missing in approximately all the stars. Hritikh is having blend of flexibility and masculine body. All this has been provided by Mars. Mars in third house has make the person do more dynamic and challenging role. Fourth house lord is sitting in his favourite house i.e twelth house. This has given him all the comforts and good marriage life. But there is one point mentioning that in twelth house Jupiter is stting with venus. Jupiter is deblated ( neech rashi) and is sitting with his enemy (venus). So there will be instances where he has to face problems regarding disgrace due to sexual activities involved with other actress/women. Instances such as “kissing scene in Dhoom -2” were quite normal like any other hindi movie. But that incident has put Hritikh in focus. So Hritikh will have to be very careful regarding his relations with other women/actress. Fifth house represents child, family happiness. Saturn plus ketu present in fifth aspects eleventh house. Mercury, rahu, sun, Saturn, ketu. All these five planets are aspecting each other. Sun and mercury is forming budh-aditya yog. Next coming to fifth house, there moon is present is kark-cancer rashi. It means moon is sitting in his own house. This makes Hritikh more strong mentally. And putting more credit to this is aspect of Jupiter on moon. This is giving him gaj kesari yog. Plus this aspect of venus + mars on moon. Aspect of venus on moon is giving him beauty. Strong mind has the capacity to play diverse role and succeed in them. Strong mind has the capacity to fight against any odds of life. Hritikh has played diverse roles in different movies and has strongly stood up with his father, when his father was shot in his arm by the mafia group.

Lord of karma house (tenth house) mars is sitting in third house. This also shows that he has long carrier to go.

At present Hritikh is going under mahadasha of venus. Venus represents beauty , name, fame, wealth & acting. And in the horoscope of hritikh, venus is sitting in his favourite place i.e. twelth house. So there is more name, fame and good news for Hritikh

Advice for Hritikh – Stay away from controversies which includes sex/girls/ladies/actress. You can write email at

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