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Astrology report

Name : Cousin of ManishSethi

Date of Birth : 9 th March 1983

Time of Birth : 07:48 pm

Place of Birth : GangaNagar. Rajasthan.

Nakshatra : Uttra Ashada

Manglik : Yes

Gand Mool : No

Kal sarp Dosh : No

Dasha :Rahu -> Jup


1. Ruchak Yog - If mars is present in 1, 8 or 10 and is present in kendra (center) it is called Ruchak yog. If the person is having ruchak yog, then you can predict the good points of mars could be seen in him. Person could be be brave, person who will always defeat his enemy, He could become officer in armed forces and could raise to higher levels.


2. Bhadra Yog- If Mercury is present in 3 or 6 and is present in Kendra it is called Bhadra yog. If the person is having Bhadra yog, person would be sharp, intelligent, good in mathematics, studies, and good speech power.


3. Hans Yog - If Jupiter is present in 4,9,or 12 an is present in Kendar (center) then it is called Hans Yog. If the person is having hans yog, he would be considered respectable, sincere and well cultured person.


4. Malvya Yog - If Venus is present in 2, 7, or 12 and is present in center it is called Malvya yog. If the person is having malvya yog, he would be having all good points from venus. He would have good food, comforts from children and women. He would live happily and possess many cars.


5 Shahs Yog - if saturn is present in 7,10, or 11 and is present in center it is called shash yog. If the person is having shash yog they are highly powerful. This yog is present in Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee kundli in Ascendant (Lagan). Person having shash yog they rule one community, village, city, or country.


6. Anfa Yog - If there is any planet in 12th house from moon and no planet in second house from moon it is called anfa yog. This Yog is considered good for prosperity.


7. Sunfa Yog - If there is any planet in 2nd house from moon and no planet in 12th house from moon it is called sunfa yog. Like above this yog is also considered good for prosperity.


8. Gaj Kesari Yog - If moon is in the centre from Jupiter or we can say if moon is in 1,4,7 or 10th place from Jupiter it is called Gaj kesari Yog.


9. Parvat Yog - The Ascendant Lord- the lord of that house is lying in centre or trikon and is in its own house or top house, it is called Parvat yog.

Various other raj yogs.


10. If lord of ninth and lord of tenth are sitting together in good house, it is called raj yog. [ 1, 4, 7 and 10 are considered as Good houses ] then [ 5,9 and 2nd are considered Good houses ] then [ 3 house is considered Good ] [ 6, 8 and 12 houses are considered as bad houses ]



Prediction of first house -

First House – The first house/Ascendant/Lagan represents – Start, Sunrise, Face, Soul, Birth, Personality, and Mind. This is the first house and it is the most powerful important house of the entire horoscope. If any great yog is being formed in first house, gives immense power the entire horoscope. if lagan is having good planets or is seen by good planets and lord of that is sitting in his own house or his top planet (uch grah) then person having such horoscope will have lot of wealth, rising graph in monetary term, long age and will be good leader.

Lagan lord of the ascendant is placed in sixth house. Lagan lord is mercury and it is placed in the house of Saturn.

Mercury and Saturn are friends……………Positive.

Mercury is placed with sun……………….Positive.

Rahu is having vision on Mercury ………….Negative.

But placement in sixth house brings medical problems to the person.

Placement of lagan lord in sixth house is not considered good. Because this weakens the personality house.

Prediction of second house -

Second house – The second house depicts Wealth, Speech, family ,left eye, Throat. It is also called dhan bhav. if the good stars are in second house or is seen by them then person would be ultra rich, will gain good education, big family and would be good in art of conversation.

As per horoscope, lord of second house is sitting in the seventh house.

Lord of second house is Venus and Venus is placed in exalted state in seventh house.

So strong Venus indicates shower of wealth, good speech, and good family life.

And in second house, Saturn is present in its exalted state. Saturn further enhances wealth, good speech, wealth from fathers and ancestors.

Venus is sitting in its friend house in Navamsha………….Positive.

Saturn is sitting in its own house in Navamsha……………Positive.

So in total Cousin of Manish Sethi is blessed with extreme shower of wealth.

Prediction of Third house -

Third house – T hird house depicts bravery, courage, dynamism, extra activities, brothers and sisters. If the house is strong, then person would be very brave, having good relations with brothers and sisters.

As per horoscope, lord of third house is Mars and Mars is placed in seventh house.

Lord of seventh house is Jupiter. And Jupiter is placed in third house.

So there is exchange of third and seventh house. So this has made third and seventh house extremely strong.

Jupiter sitting on third house is having vision on seventh house. so this means good relations with brother and sister. The person concerned will be courageous and brave.

Prediction of Fourth House

Fourth House – Fourth house depicts mother, Home, comforts in house, Movable Wealth, clothes, big cars, comfortable life. If the fourth house is strong, then person would be having all the mentioned comforts. He would be having nice big house, good friends, good wife, clothes and a happy man. This thing also give good cars and attachment with mother.

  1. Lord of fourth house is sitting in third house. Lord of fourth house is Jupiter and Jupiter is placed in the house of mars.

So Jupiter Is sitting in twelfth house from fourth house………….Negative.

Moon is sitting in fourth house ………..OK

Ketu present in fourth house………….…………….Negative.

Vision of Saturn on fourth house……………………..Negative.

So much negative of fourth house will lead to

Few health problems to mother


Separation with mother


Separation with home


Living in foreign country


Problems towards acquiring property.

Prediction of fifth house

Fifth house – Fifth house depicts Brain, Astrology, Child, Stomach and studies. Good fifth house represents good children, financially well, famous, intelligent & good speaker.

Lord of fifth house is Saturn and Saturn is present in second house. Saturn is exalted in second house. so this means extremely good education. There is not bad vision direct on fifth house. so this further enhances good education.

Also this indicates good children.

Prediction of sixth House

Sixth house – Sixth house represents disease, war, sin, insult, court cases, Enemies, Servants. Usually 6, 8 and 12th houses are considered as bad houses and if bad planets are sitting in these houses, it is considered as bad planets destroying bad effects given by these houses. if the sixth house lord is sitting in sixth house only it is called astra yog. This also diminishes the effect given by sixth house.

Lord of sixth house is in exalted state in second house. lord of sixth house is Saturn and Saturn is placed in second house.

Prediction of seventh house

Seventh houseSeventh house depicts Sexual relations, Business Partner, import-export, Business Partner, Marriage life, In-laws, Private Organs, Wife-husband. If lord of seventh house is effected by favorable planets, that person gets good wife, good marriage life. This Yog differ from person to person. If person is born in conservative country and second marriage is illegal, then he may end up in having good wife and good family. If the person is born in western culture, then person would be philanderer

Seventh house has great impact on human being. It is concerned with our partner. Life partner or sexual partner or husband plays a great role in one’s life. So it is very essential that seventh house should be strong.

In the horoscope lord of seventh house is situated in third house. Lord of seventh house is Jupiter and Jupiter is placed in third and lord of third is mars and mars is placed in seventh house. so this indicates exchange…….Positive.

In seventh house Venus is placed in its exalted state.

Venus sitting with mars ignites the power of Venus. So this sometimes leads to love marriage.

The person concerned will be blessed with good marriage life. Mars and Venus gives well interested in opposite sex.

Exalted Venus in seventh house gives settlement in foreign country.

Exalted Venus in seventh house gives good partnerships yog.

Mars sitting in seventh house makes the person Manglik.

So Concerned person can marry only Manglik girl.

Prediction of Eight house

Eight house – Eight house indicates mystery, death, deep Sciences and Injuries If lord of eight house is in favorable house or is in favorable position it is called asur yog. Such a person is selfish, stubborn, conspirator. And in the process hurts him.

Lord of eight house is situated in seventh house.

Prediction of Ninth house

Ninth House – Ninth house depicts religion, foreign travel, luck and holy place. If ninth house is effected by good planets, then it is very good yog. Ninth house is considered as very auspicious house. Person having such yog is highly respectable, lucky, always rich, and is respected by intelligent people. This yog gives special power to total horoscope

Lord of Ninth house is situated in seventh house. Lord of ninth house is Venus and Venus exalted in twelfth house indicates strong luck, attractive personality, comforts of father, faith in religion, foreign and fruitful travels

Jupiter sitting in third house is also having vision in ninth house. this further increases the power of ninth house. So this would lead to increase in luck, wealth and comforts in life.

Prediction of Tenth house

Tenth House – Tenth house indicates father, work place, energy to work, success in business or professional life, nature of work and job. Tenth house is considered to be most important, because it is related to work. If the lord of tenth house is situated in good house or lord of tenth house is effected by favorable planets. It makes the person hard worker and successful in his work. The effect becomes negative if the lord of tenth is effected by Paap Grah

Lord of tenth house is situated in sixth house,

Lord of tenth house is mercury and mercury is placed in sixth house in the house of Saturn.

Saturn and mercury are friends……………….OK

Mercury and sun are friends…………………Positive.

Mars is having vision of tenth house……………Negative.

Presence of exalted rahu and Ketu is extremely beneficial.

So little problems is seen while starting any business/job. But here we cannot ignore the fact that the concerned person is having exalted Saturn and exalted Venus.

So the little negative feature of work place becomes less.

So exalted rahu and Ketu gives the person

  1. Good in trading business
  2. Commission business
  3. Excellent in Politics.

Situation is Navamsha is comfortable regarding karma house.

Prediction of Eleventh house

Eleventh house – Eleventh house indicates gain, incomes, speculation and right ear. Strong Eleventh house gives the person enormous earnings and weak eleventh house deprives of him good earnings.

Lord of eleventh house is Moon and moon is placed in fourth house. Moon is placed with rahu. So this is little negative.

Rahu and moon gives mental tension and depression ………………Negative.

Jupiter is having vision on eleventh house. So this is positive.

So over all this house is 80% good.

20% is deducted due to combination of moon and rahu.

In aggregate a strong horoscope with good marriage house and good money house.

Prediction of Twelfth house

Twelfth house – Twelfth house indicates losses, foreign house, bed comforts, friends, sleep

Lord of twelfth house is situated in sixth house. this is again yog.

Coming to your question


I wanted to check a couple of things for him viz-a-viz regarding his marriage and his travel to abroad.

Regarding his marriage. Care has to be taken for the girl should be manglik.

And travel aborad house is also extremely good.

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Jupiter Yellow Sapphire Jupiter Mantra Simha rashi(Leo) God Shri Ram
Saturn Diamond Venus mantra Kanya (Virgo) Suicide
Rahu Blue Sapphire Saturn mantra Tula (Libra) Yoga
Ketu Gomedh Rahu Mantra Vrishchika (Scorpio) Reiki
Moon Cats Eye Ketu Mantra Dhanus (Sagittarius) Feng Shui
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