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Marriage is one of the very important questions, for which astrologers are consulted. Marriage is one of the things in life which is very complex in nature. It is complex because it deals with 2 humans. Every Individual who aspires for marriage is keen to know whether his marriage [relationship of 2 humans] will be fruitful or not, whether the two individuals can stay together and can lead a happy life. Regarding Marriage, the first and foremost planet which needs to be seen is Venus. Venus represents sex, sexual partner, beauty, bed, life partner, and comforts of marriage life. The house which is seen for marriage point of view is seventh house. If lord of seventh house is sitting in Kendra or Trikon in its top form or of his own house, and there is no bad aspect of Saturn, mars, ketu, rahu or sun and is being seen by Jupiter or Venus. Person having such situation in its horoscope will enjoy all the fruits of marriage. He/She will have good prosperous marriage. Now we will see various effects, if house is seen by following stars  

Jupiter- Jupiter or popularly known as Guru which means saint or Good Teacher. If the seventh house is seen by Jupiter (which means Jupiter is in 11, 1 or 3 house) then the individual will have very comfortable life. Jupiter is considered as saint or teacher. Seen by saint/teacher it means all the blessings from them. (In earlier days, if saints/teacher gives blessing that would definite had positive influence on the individual. So this is one of the reasons that Jupiter is always resembled with Guru/Saint/Teacher.) So in horoscope, which is seen by Jupiter becomes extremely good and Individual gets all the benefits from that house

Venus- If the seventh house is seen by Venus, so it means person is having Venus in its Lagan (Ascendant). Venus in lagan gives special power and importance to Venus. Any planet in Lagan becomes more powerful and gives extra benefits to the individual related to that star. So having Venus in Lagan gives benefits of Venus as good life partner, prosperous marriage life, and good wife/husband.

Mars- If the seventh house is being watched by Mars, and then the person becomes manglik. The word manglik has been derived from the planet mars which is also called mangal grah. If Mars is placed in 12,1,4,7 or 8th house then person becomes manglik. Mars is red and firry in nature, when mars sees seventh house, it puts it bad effects on seventh house, you can consider that house being burning due to mars. The result is death by accident, fire, disease or separation, divorce, living life together but with misery. Having Mars in 12,1,4,7 or 8th house makes the person manglik. So it is very much advisable that manglik person should marry manglik only. If Mars is sitting with Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu or Ketu. Many Astrologers believe that power of Mars is reduced, so the person becomes Non-Manglik. If the mars is seen by Saturn also, some astrologers believe that power of Mars is reduced. We will also take this as Non-Manglik, because mars seen by Saturn reduces power of mars, seems very logical.

Saturn- If the seventh house is seen by Saturn, it delays the marriage, and can break the love affairs, engagements, and can give little bit problems in marriage life. The art of prediction varies from time to time and from place to place. If the horoscope is of person sitting in London and is white person, then predict 100% as divorce. If the horoscope is of person sitting in conservative family in India, then predict some problems in marriage life. If the horoscope is of very modern family, living in metro, still you can predict tense relations or divorce, judging the situation.

People also ask ?

How Mangal dosh can be removed ?
When someone is Manglik in a marriage, the evil effects of Mangal dosha can be nullified by organising this ritual called Kumbh Vivah. As per Vedic Astrology a Manglik individual has to get married to a Banana tree, peepal tree, or a silver/golden idol of Lord Vishnu

Does Mangalik Dosha gets Cancelled after 28 years ?
Some south indian astrologer consider that after 28 years of age, mangalik dosh gets cancelled after 28 years. But We at does not agree on same. If manglik person marries manglik person then it will automatically get cancelled

People also ask Is it necessary to match kundli for marraige ?
Horoscope kundli match making is very critical process. It is very important for both boy and girl to get the horoscope matched propertly. Boy and girl to know whether he or she is mangalik or non-mangalik. Mangalik marrying non-mangalik can be extremely regretful for both. Besides mangalik, proper gun milan is also very critical.

How many gun should match in kundli for marriage ?
18 gun is minimum requirement for marriage approval. Any points above 18 gun is more positive indicator.

What is horoscope matching for marriage ?
Horoscope match making is a process where couple birth chart is compared to each other. Based on the chart , gun/marks is given to the compatibility of couple. So out of 36 gun , 18 gun is minimum required for marriage to be approved.

What if kundli is not matching ?
Marriage is not approved, if minimum 18 gun is not achieved from 36 gun.

Which gun is important for marriage
Answer Nadi carries 8 marks Bhakut carries 7 marks gan carries 6 marks. Grah matri carries 5 marks. Yoni carries 4 marks Tara/Din carries 3 marks. vashya carries 2 marks. varn carries 1 marks.

What happens if all the 36 Gunas match ?
Total 36 Gunas matching is rare and marriage is considered quite good.

Can Manglik dosh be removed ?
Manglik dosh is nothing but mars present at particular house in birth chart. As we cannot change birth time, so we cannot make manglik dosh removed. But mangalik dosh gets cancelled due to various combinations present.

Which grah is responsibly for beauty ?
Moon and Venus is seen for beauty. Moon gives beauty. Mercury gives you good skin.

How accurate is Kundli software ?
The Kundli software is 100% accurate. They just create birth chart. For good reading of your chart, you need good astrologer.

Why is my marriage getting late ?
If lord of 7th house or 7th house is impacted by paap grah ( Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu ), This would result in problems in marriage. One of the problem can be late marriage.

What is delay marriage ?
delayed marriage means marriage take late in life. if you are above 30 and planning to get married, You are coming under delay Marriage.

What are the side effects of being mangalik ?
Mangalik dosh can give following impacts : 1. Breakup of affair 2. Breakup of engagement 3. Regular quarrels. 4. Mismatch in opinions. 5. Divorce 6. Litigation and court cases. 7. Death.


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